Precision Body Works is the preeminent collision repair facility in the greater Elgin Area. We specialize in all things related to a collision including: Heavy Frame Repair, Mechanical Repair, Electronic Frame Measuring, Automotive Refinishing, Bumper Repair, Panel Replacement, etc. We can handle all jobs big and small, almost nothing is out of our skill range.


When you are a customer at Precision, we work for you. We are friendly with many insurance companies, however, we don’t compromise the integrity of the repair for anybody. As a small business, our reputation in the community means something. This is not a faceless entity. The owner is at work everyday and will be personally assisting you with the repair process. How many body shops can say that?


The sad reality of the collision industry is that the independent shops are becoming more rare as time goes on. Consolidators are buying up independently owned shops and converting them into one of their chain stores. As customer’s options become fewer, the quality of repairs suffer as a result. As an independently owned shop, quality is our reputation. We have a team full of trained artisans that have spent years honing their craft, whether that be in estimating, painting, body work, etc. When you choose the other guy, you are paying for advertising and fluff. You may encounter a different manager from month to month. That will never happen here, that can be assured. We are family owned and operated with deep roots in the Elgin area. We are not going anywhere! Another difference that may seem minor, but believe me it isn’t, is that our estimators do not work on commission. It is inherently in the interest of the estimator to run up the price on an estimate in order to make more money. That is not the case at Precision.

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Stop by our shop for a free estimate, or just give us a call. The process can be confusing, so let us help you along the way!